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Evolutions—(retreats) in North Carolina and Beyond

In For Zen guided meditation evolutions in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and beyond that range from a ½ day to 5 days in length and focus on whole mind-body-self evolution. 


Evolutions are defined by the Oxford languages as the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.  Our guided meditation evolutions are designed to transform you from where you have been on and through this earth to nurture and develop your advancement and rise to your higher self.  We hone in on self-evolution through daily meditation and mindfulness. As participants move deeper into the practice of meditation, they simultaneously experience a continuous change into a higher, better, more realized state. Through mediation, mindfulness, and continued self-awareness, participants gradually move from a daily place of stress, anxiety, and “fight, flight or freeze” into a daily place of peace, calm, and whole-body centeredness. 


Want to learn more about our guided meditation evolutions? Contact In For Zen, tell us your goals and desired outcomes, and we’ll create a custom meditation evolution package for you and /or your group.


Breathe in deeply and be kind to yourself. Even laugh a little— have fun catching yourself smiling more.

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