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Guided Meditations, Workshops for Mental Wellness & Self-care Training for Your Workplace

Why integrate a meditation into your workplace?  As a former banker, our founder, Kat, knows far too well how much she would have benefited from daily mediation in her workplace. She worked long hours, in high-stress environments and eventually found herself struggling to manage life in general and especially the heavy workloads, client relationships, and finding any form of work-life balance, amid increased anxiety and corporate burnout.


Without a built-in meditative practice, work-life balance can seem impossible to find. Fostering a workplace that embraces an ethos of self-care and allows a bit of "slow-down time," automatically gives your employees the time, space, and permission they need to get into their center, so they can bring the best version of them to the workplace and their home life as well.  It's also far more sustainable than the alternative stress takes on the employee and the workplace.   Meditation has been proven to increase productivity and focus. 


What sets In For Zen Meditation apart from available apps is the connection that occurs when in the presence of others, even though the experience is individual.  We offer a full experience of meditation that is unique to our studio and truly gives everyone a chance to bring the experience full circle.  We do not just drop you off after the guided meditation experience and send you back to work trying to benefit from what happened.  We take things a step further completing the experience and send employees back renewed and ready to take on the work that lies ahead.   

Meditation, when practiced regularly, can help relieve built-up stress and tension, enhance focus, enrich creativity which all drive better decision-making skills among employees, increase concentration, boost mental wellness, and:

  1. Improve cognition

  2. Directly counteract stress burnout

  3. Enhance memory

  4. Transform emotional reactions into mindful responses

  5. Improve overall health, decreasing absenteeism 

Giving employees the time to recenter, breathe, and reconnect with the best version of themselves, your employee, your company, team morale and your bottom line will all experience a positive impact. In other words, incorporating a meditation into your workplace is good for your people, and your business. 

In addition to offering custom guided meditations for corporations, small businesses, teams, organizations in the Charlotte and surrounding areas, our mobile meditation studio also available to travel to other areas in NC and surrounding states for special events.


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Bring a Little Zen Into Your Boardroom.


Guided Meditation Offerings for Your Workplace  

In For Zen works with your Executive teams, management, individual contributors, and everyone in between.  Some of the ways in which we offer guided meditation sessions to corporations and businesses of all sizes include:

  • Meditate and find your zen before presentations, meetings, and any other event.

  • Guided weekly wind-downs

  • Motivation Mondays

  • Hump Day Hustle

  • A daily/weekly/monthly addition to your current wellness programs

  • Custom designed meditations meeting your companies' specific goals

To learn more about how and why our meditation classes should become an integral part of your company’s wellness program benefits, performance improvement plans, team-building initiatives, and more, contact In For Zen and let’s talk meditation.

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