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Inside our Mobile Meditation Studio in Charlotte, NC


Hello and thank you for stopping by! I’m Kat Sykes, owner and founder of In for Zen Meditation studio, this area never knew it needed.


Before I first put the key into the ignition of In for Zen and literally took my guided meditations for a little road trip, I spent long hours, and decades, working my way up the ladder in various lines of business in the world of banking. Then I found myself in a not-so-great place. While I learned a great deal along the way, I reached a point where stress had taken over in a big way and, as a result, my personal and professional life, including my health and wellbeing, suffered greatly.  


Stress wears us down from the inside out—in body, mind, and spirit—and that’s exactly what it had done to me. Years of severe anxiety, depression, ADHD, executive functioning disorder, addiction to name a few—not to mention the physical toll that stress had taken on my body—caught up to me. I was burned out, overworked, and hurting and, as silly as it sounds, I didn’t even realize. Until I did.


Give yourself the gift of time.  Just take a few minutes and zen out with us in our mobile studio, online, or in a space of your choice.   Below are pictures of the buildout of our mobile studio.  Take a look at where we are so far.  

How I Came to Meditation

My meditation journey began in the early 90’s when I accidentally came across a labyrinth at a local hospital while searching for the chapel. Having never walked one, I immediately felt relief when I did. I’m not exaggerating when I say “that first labyrinth walk saved my life.” Because it did. Although I didn’t know it at the time, that walk was my first introduction to a meditative practice. The only thing I did know, instantly, was that it changed my life for the good, forever.  


Eventually I made my way into the world of contemplative prayer, and then several years later, meditation. It was through regular meditative practice that everything started to change.


By coupling this meditative practice with a supportive team of medical and health professionals, I slowly began to understand how critical it is to find compassion for ourselves, to practice self love and self care. Every single day.

Mindfulness Meditation Certifications, Studies & Beyond

In addition to being a Labyrinth Facilitator (Veriditas), Mindfulness Meditation Instructor (The Charlotte Meditation Center), and a Guided Meditation Instructor (The Guided Meditation Framework), I am also a certified Spiritual Life Coach (The Transformation Academy) whose studies also include a variety of spiritual life, practices including the sacred Tree of Life, biblical studies, studies with agnostics, atheists, and a gamut of different religions, priestesses and more.  In the core of it all what I bring to individuals, companies, organizations etc has nothing to do with this part of my offerings.  This spiritual life coaching is not how I approach meditations, unless specifically asked to do so.  

Meditation is not tied to a specific religion and does not have to be practiced as such.  In fact, today scientist and doctors are doing a great deal of research around the benefits of meditation related to overall health, the ability to preform better at work, the benefits of incorporating meditation into school systems at an early age.  A local cardiologist has gone global with all of his work with Doctors throughout the pandemic to help them from experiencing burnout.  He has taught his patients meditation since he began practicing.  What I bring to you is focused on your goals/needs and/or that of your company/team/organization etc not that of a spiritual nature.  

Because I know what can happen when we don’t take time for ourselves—even just a little each day—I created In for Zen as a place where people can give themselves a little time out of 24 hours a day to unwind so they can focus and bring the best version of themselves to whatever tasks lay before them, help them find a way to balance and see life a bit more clearly so when work life and personal life and social life loose all boundaries you have the tools available to bring things into perspective and a place to turn if you need help.   I will help you learn how to meditate on your own also.  You will benefit from a session or a few sessions.  However, for lasting rewards it takes a committed practice.  


The overarching goal? To help people find their focus, meet their goals, turn around a sluggish day and make it productive, discover creativity, and experience mindfulness and presence through it all. 


As a safe space where anyone and everyone can reconnect with themselves (even and especially in the middle of a busy day), In for Zen helps people see, feel, and understand the importance of self-care and taking care of your mind and your body so stress doesn't.  

Education and Training

UNCC BA Organizational Communications & Minor in Psychology

Veriditas  - Labyrinth Facilitator Training

The Transformative Academy - Spiritual Life Coaching

The Charlotte Meditation Center - Mindfulness Meditation

The Guided Meditation Framework - Guided Meditation

Beacons of Change - Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master

Greyscale Landscape

Fun Facts About Kat Sykes 

  • I enjoy the gifts of laughter and humor. I focus on gratitude and look for the good even in the bad. I’ve definitely learned to laugh at and with myself.  
  • My two teenage children and two pups make up our home in one of Charlotte’s neighboring towns, Mooresville. 
  • Charlotte, NC born and bred! Oh, and I grew up in a wonderful family that includes two pretty awesome older brothers.
  • I love music, all types, so if you randomly select music from my playlists you may think there is a frequency mix up with the Apple music library.  
  • Once upon a time I played Basketball, Tennis, and Swam competitively beginning at the age of 4
  • I believe that there are so many people who need meditation and don't even know it, don't think they can do it, feel like it goes against their beliefs, or think that it is too woo woo for them - just give me a try - I think you will love it - or at the least get something out of it that is beneficial
  • I believe that the stigma of mental illness, addiction, and recovery have to be removed from our society because it is impacting most everyone, in one way or another
  • Understanding what burnout can do to the body, mind, and spirit I want to help as many as possible learn how beautiful life can be, when we just stop for a breather every now and then.
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