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Embrace the Now—Contact In For Zen. 

Tel: 704-237-0461


In For Zen is a mobile mediation studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. Though we are usually parked (like a food truck), we're also entirely mobile. Which means all you need to do is put up the bat signal, and we'll come to you!


In For Zen is happy to connect as many humans as possible with guided meditation classes,  If you are in NC or any surrounding states In For Zen loves to travel so please reach out and let's see if we can create some exciting opportunities for you and your company, your friends, your teams, whomever.  


To learn more, hop over to our about page, or check out our full menu of individual and group meditation classes, business mediation services, and Evolution meditation retreats.

We look forward to bringing you the kind of deep breaths, clarity, quiet, and laughter (yeah, we have a pretty good sense of humor—we also offer laughing meditation classes) you deserve in your day, every day. 

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