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Reduce Stress. Improve Wellbeing. Breathe Deeply.

In For Zen Meditation—a Mobile Studio bringing peace to the streets


In For Zen

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"If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath"
Amit Ray

In an increasingly hectic world where the boundaries between work, family, and self tend to blur, how do we make time to slow down, recenter, and simply be? 

In For Zen mediation connects you, to you.  Also to businesses, sports teams, schools, organizations — with mindfulness & guided meditation classes in the Charlotte, NC surrounding areas.


Similar to how a food truck operates, In For Zen mobile mediation studio parks at a designated location and serves a delicious, convenient, mindful sessions, workshops, evolutions (retreats) and more.


"A few simple tips for life: feet on the ground, head to the skies, heart open…quiet mind."
Rasheed Ogunlaru

You jump out of bed before the sun, you get everyone else ready for the day - even the pets but you hardly have time to brush your teeth much less have breakfast.  You grab lunch, on the go, between meetings and eat while you work at your desk. You make decisions all day. Your ride home in traffic, which is less than leisure, the first question through the door, of course, is "what's for dinner?"  Then your "night job" begins - it feels like work - not family time.   Dinner cooked, kitchen cleaned, laundry changed, maybe some exercise and fall in the bed.  Now the sheep counting begins.  A gazillion and one things you didn't complete race through your head, the kind person at the counter you snapped at, the snarky remark to your partner, "why did I ...?",  "why didn't I ....?" "if I go to sleep right now I can get 5 hours ... 4 hours... 3 1/2 hours...".  You tend to everyone and everything, yet you are last in your line.  You wonder why you aren't producing stelar work, why you can't focus, you used to be able to keep up quicker/better, where did your words go, where is your creativity, enthusiasm?  How can you possibly do anything when you have no time, energy or bandwidth to do one extra thing?  And what you are doing is attempted with one eye, partially opened, and you are fighting constantly to gain focus.  


Finding ourselves saying "I don't have 2 minutes to meditate" that truly is when you need 30 minutes.  The quiet minutes we need and deserve get moved down the priority list. Is self-care even a real thing?  Allow us a few minutes of your very busy 24 hours.  We will give you a chance to check in with yourself and reconnect. THEN, you will find yourself renewed, refreshed and able to be productive with a lot more energy.  It only gets better when you become consistent at it.  It is well worth every single second. 

"The mind is just like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand."
Idowu Koyenikan

This is why we bring you In For Zen—the only mobile meditation studio of its kind and the only one in this area of the country. Designed for anyone and everyone, our mobile meditation studio is a modern, 16-foot enclosed trailer retrofitted to comfortably seat 8-10 people at a time for live meditation sessions.  We can also come into your space for larger groups at a time or do offsite events and evolutions as well.  

With In For Zen, we make the time and the space for you by offering daily/regular meditation sessions. All you have to do is show up, sit, and let everything slide to the back burner for just a few moments.  An occasional meditation session offers a short term benefit.  Regular meditation brings about life long changes and benefits.  


Find Your Zen with In for Zen 

Calming, centering, mood-boosting, and stress-reducing, meditation is as essential as water. Practicing meditation with others allows accountability. And increased frequency increases consistency of benefits.  In For Zen also offers personalized programs to help you achieve your goals.  When we work with you every session is customized for for you / your organization. 



Want our Mobile Meditation Studio to Come to you?

Don't live in Charlotte area but you want to experience In For Zen, we thought you’d never ask! Whether you’re located in Virginia or Florida, or anywhere in between and around, reach out to us.  We are glad to work in many areas in a variety of ways. In For Zen loves to travel and is fully equipped to bring live meditation to your  event, or workplace.  We will customize events include team building, a weekend of self care, obviously meditation, and much more.  We will meet your needs.  


To learn more about how our meditation programs work please send us a note.  We look forward to connecting with you very soon.



I just completed an In for Zen Zoom 3 Hour Meditation and I am so glad I did!!  Kat was absolutely wonderful. 
The instruction was great; the meditations were timely and the space was safe and inviting.  So much food for thought and extremely relaxing.  Just what I needed. 
I can't wait to do it again!  
Stacey, Monroe GA - Purchasing Manager
This workshop was so calming and grounding. I enjoyed every minute and will carry that peace with me. Thank you for hosting! I highly recommend to everyone -
Suzy, Charlotte, NC 
Today was amazing!  Kat provided such great meaningful information. 
She has a gift and shares it in such a wonderful way.  I am glad I can be a recipient.
Ruth - Charlotte, NC - Corporate Security, Business Execution Manager   
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